These are official rules set by the organization of Hvar Pub Crawl – us.
Any disrespect of these rules can lead to eviction from the Pub Crawl and being forbidden to join our events again.

We keep every right to take off your wristband with or without a verbal or written warning if you’re not following these rules!


  • It’s forbidden to drink alcohol in public places. This includes streets, Riva, and the meeting point of the Pub Crawl.
  • Every violent behavior (both verbally and physically) will result in evicting a violent person(s) from the event at any point during the Pub Crawl.
  • Any damage – to the city, bars, clubs, boat taxies – will be reported to the police by our staff and we’ll work with them in order to capture the person(s) who made the damage.
  • Bringing any of the drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic) and unlegal substances (drugs, weapons, etc) will result in evicting that person(s) from the Pub Crawl.
  • Bringing any of the stuff mentioned above on taxi boats will result in evicting that person(s) from the Pub Crawl.
  • If someone is making any harm to another human/animal being while joined our event, they will be evicted from the Pub Crawl and the authorities will be notified


Please enjoy your night, but don’t forget to be responsible!

Thank you!

– Hvar Pub Crawl staff